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This is your business. Treat it like one.. This is not a game.

You will want to tell others so they will help you make money. Every one wants to make money. 

What About the Earning Formula?

Buy a Level 1 ad pack from your sponsorfor $5. Each adpack can be sold 3 times.
When refs purchase from you, you have made $15. with $10. profit.
You are now out of ad packs and need to purchase another from your sponsor to ensure that you have adpacks for refs to purchase.
With the $10 profit from the first level, you can now move up to level 2. 
At level 2, you make 3 sales at $10. each. You will end up with $30. profit. 
You can do the same as you did for level 1, buy more level 1 or level 2 to build your funds to get to Level 3.  
Levels 4 and 5  the same.
You do not have to move to any level if you do not want to. You can stay in any level take profit each time it comes around. Only move up when you want to.
Level 5 is $80. and will put $160. in your pocket.
This is pure profit as your only out of pocket sale is your first purchase of $5 when you started. You can buy an ad pack for $80, keeping the $160 or divide it up into $5, $10, $20,  $40 and $80. levels. You will need to see where you have the most sales from your downline and alway keep adpacks available for them to purchase. 
This can be repeated over and over as many times as you have sales to your levels. You can have a downline of just 3 or 1000.
There are no time limits. Nothing will expire. Proceed at your own pace.

How the "4themoney" program works.

Ad packages are advertising credits members can purchase to advertise their businesses in our traffic exchange on our web page.

Purchase 3 Ad-packs for $5.00.  Once you have sold your 1st adpacks at $5.00 each, You are already breaking even on the first and profit $10.00 on the other 2, Repurchase after selling the first 3 so that you will have more to sell. You can purchase more than one at a time so you never get passed up because you are out of adpacks. If after selling your three and you don't have anymore, it will go up to the next person that does have an adpack in place.
Each one you sell becomes a new member under you and will purchase their adpacks from you. 
 Every time members purchase they will get a number of credits for text, banner and login ads which they can use in our website to promote their other business. Credits increase as your levels increase.

4Themoney does not keep any funds or fees for the services we provide nor do we collect any payments, Since everything is performed by the members every time they purchase and send their bitcoin payments to their upline.

 All transactions are held exclusively between members with Bitcoin and other money changers. Any bitcoin processor will work. Use the one that works best for you. yes

Our compensation plan works on a very small 1 x 3 structure, but you can go as wide as you wish. Each member has a upline.

Every time  members purchase an advertising package, fees go directly to their upline for a 100% commission.

You are free to purchase  your ad packages at any time, you do not have to wait until you collect all payments from your downline.

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